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I used many of the Peaveys with both spring and then later dsp based multi efx processors ,

I did see quite a few of the DSP chips break down , mostly when they broke you got a kind of echo chorus type effect which didnt change when you moved the dials . I did price a new board for one customer , well over 100 to replace ,so instead I recomended he spend his money on a external unit .

Some high end small P.A. type units still incorporate springs ,Schertler  being one , maybe you could find a tank with impedence suitable to be driven from your Aux send or HP amp directly ,

Another possibillity could be to take an off the shelf stomp box multi efx and offer to build that in , something like the Behringer FX600 or EM600 , these must use the aforementioned Coolaudio V1000 chip . heres a demo clip of the echo machine ,sounds nice enough .

I think in any case a big red alphaneumeric efx  display atop your mixer would be totally out of place ,and spoil the mystique.
Delay and reverb is a nice extra to have on a small mixer for sure , but most of the simpler implementations of dsp dont give much scope ,certainly no where near a proper external efx box or what plugins can do .
Stick to core principles is my advice , 'All Tube Mixer' , dont try and be all things to all men , they can bolt on whatever effects they want later be it external or pc based .

Oh one more thing, when processing a delay or reverb signal you want direct and effect in parallel ,I dont think in that case any mS of latency matters much , something as simple as incorporating an analog  2 in 2 out to USB could be a very neat way to incorporate VST  effects ,simply by pluging  a pc into the mixer. 



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