Just a few general comments
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Maybe a permanent link to CJ's repository at the top of the page would be a good plan.


To be honest I thought the way the issue of moving the content wasnt handled very well , end of the day transformers get mentioned or refered too in many many posts all over the forum , the attempt to box everything up neatly and tidily  just isnt feasible , and may have inadvertantly made people feel uncomfortable or alienated. I think there is an underlying issue with the 'search' on the site ,thats been refered to many times .

Im happy with the new section dedicated to discussing transformer and inductor ideas and winding techniques ,

I just picked up a massive box of winding insulations ,nomex,blue  paper  , braided fibre wire slieveing ,frp , bakelite, plastic and ceramic boards/strips. Anyone whos experimenting winding their own audio transformers ,Im happy to send an  envelope with a few bits to get you started , just PM me .

I'm ordering my Cnc winder this week , I can keep it at the motor winding place initially until I build my new winding shed .
The boss in winders is now holding 'end of reel'  copper for me , which is often 250-500 grams off a 20 kg roll, everything from about 38awg down . Im not sure what the largest copper required for audio transformers is but I have access to all gauges upto about 6mm diameter off the shelf .  There's also an entire shelf rack full of larger core transformers ,all of which is destined for disposal at some point , a lot of it would be easy to rewind into either mains transformers for tube gear or power amp output transformers , I'll make sure I get the pick of it before it hits the skip.


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