Viagra ads
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From Facebook could not stop laughing
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I knew a few of the old Viagra plant workers ,the 'in' joke for 40 years was their knob didnt work right until they got their shares certs and their prescription for the riser and were left go.


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Hehe.  ;D

Don't tell me they didn't do that on purpose!
Why is it people love to believe and hate to know?

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Who says the Germans dont have a sense of humour , ;D

In the process room where they make the raw ingredient for the  Rizer females arent allowed at all , makes their cycle go nuts apparently . A buddy of mine worked a while there on contract , he said one of the jars with 50kg of product was worth  millions . Another guy I know  was being told to do stuff well outside health and safety parameters , 'ahhhh dont worry about that stuff , we have lumps of it out back '  .
Luckily I'm upwind of the factories , as its almost always southewesterly winds we get here , directly down wind the cancer rate is 10 times the average ,and the ground water is contaminated  . Theres nothing green about chemical production ,at one point the output of the combined chemical plants near me amounted to 5% of global production , now the Chinese pharma companies are starting to arrive ,and take over from the old names . The FDA has swooped in several times cause they caught batches of meds on the way to the states  that were contaminated , apparently they even have a special licence to carry firearms on Irish soil. In fact I know someone who works in a medical device company here, they have to sign a special contract to work there ,stating that basically if the get their job wrong and someone dies they are liable to be 'rendered' to the good ole USofA ,the FDA will literally fly in in a learjet and hunt someone down if nessesary .

I did know a few of the very old plant workers  'knarley bollockses' all now deceased , may well have been a reason someone put their junk beyond use for em      :-\
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Hope it's not photoshopped.  Least despicable marketing must include Gonzo.


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