110V Capsule Polarization Voltage
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I just wanted to report that i have been using this edge terminated capsule from 797 audio for about two years with about 110v (possibly 120v) polarizing voltage with no issues!!!

I did this unintentionally while modding a Behringer B2 to true cardioid and picked up polarizing voltage at wrong point - 110v point! Yesterday i was checking polarizing voltages on couple of my mics, so i checked this one and was floored when i found out.

The frequency response is exactly the same as at 60V, i just tested it brutally with aggressive plosives, and membrane just wont stick!

Ive never used this mic on high SPL so i wouldn't know if it clips the FET.

Another great thing about this capsule is that it doesnt react to humidity coming from breath. I am pretty sure you could drip water onto it, and it would still work.

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Re: 110V Capsule Polarization Voltage
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I applied 60V to my first edge terminated 'Chinese'  capsule and it collapsed a couple of hours later  --reduced the voltage to 50V  and have had no further problems...Slight drop in sensitivity of course.
It was only a 3 micron membrane according to the spec -- so that may have been a factor?

I wonder whether it's tension - or membrane thickness - that is the dominant factor with the polarisation limits on these capsules?..

I've certainly discovered a wide range of sensitivities  between different capsule types with  my RF bias experiments --  and they don't seem to correspond very accurately with the published specs!  (Much lower voltages involved with an AC bias of course)...

There seems to be an element of 'suck it and see' with these various Chinese capsules, when it comes to comparing  their specs with their real world performance....
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Re: 110V Capsule Polarization Voltage
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I guess you were using the kind that Microphone Parts sells. This one is pretty different. I just made a video disassembling it.



Re: 110V Capsule Polarization Voltage
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How does these two edge terminated capsules RK12 (Rayking) and 797 C12 type compare, and the Wgtcenter iSK capsule(s)?

Btw. WGT has two different edge terminated capsules, the other one has two variants for 60V and 100V polarisation voltages, are those both actually from iSK or from RK or 797?

Re: 110V Capsule Polarization Voltage
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I cant say for sure, but i think RK12, and those on WGT are the same thing. They have more low end than 797 ones. Not that 797 lacks low end, there is simply a bit less of it.

Cant say for RK12, but 797 capsules are insanely consistent, and i would easily use them as matched pairs without even checking. That goes gor their k67 as well. 797 takes higher polarization voltages. My guess would be they have higher diaphragm tension, therefore less low end and tolerate higher voltage. 797 come with FR response measured for each individual capsule.


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