Does anyone know any adequate replacement ?
The pot is a dual-gang cts 71190760 .

I'll upload more photos but only one attachment allowed per post

more photos


The obvious first choice should be to try peavey service, with the full MRPS part number 71190760 they can tell you in a minute if they have any in stock.

Since the CTS*** part is semi-custom, if out of production it will be difficult (impossible) to get a perfect drop in replacement.   

You could ask a service tech how they fix them.


****  perhaps TMI but back last century while I was working at Peavey, CTS dropped us as a customer because they said we were too picky.  ::)  At the time they had moved their inexpensive pot production to Taiwan and had some production problems... long story short the green resistance of screened pot elements gets cooked to realize final nominal resistance. They were too far off with green resistance so ended up over-cooking the pot elements during curing making them brittle. We were experiencing much too high breakage in final assembly from line workers inserting pots into PCB. I guess we were picky insisting on pots that don't break if you look at them crosseyed.  ;D   
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I did contact peavey before posting,  it is out of production and unavailable as expected but they did interestingly forward me to digikey from which I'm expecting an email. 
That's why I posted, maybe someone here had fixed one of those and could suggest something, I've checked several repair shops locally over the years to no avail. (It's been at least a couple years this pot was broken and I haven't found a replacement)

**really interesting story, thank you for this.


 Curious single sided non screened pcb , but with lots of jumpers

off topic, but when I replaced the battery in a friends rackmount peavey fx unit [ had to be soldered in  ]
I recall there being 5 or 6 different size / types of screws that needed to be taken off first , why didn't they use a common standard?
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