Re: Cloned C800G ?!
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CK12 is strangely enough closer to Neumann's k67.

CK12 from 797 audio is almost spot on Neumann's k67. How and why, have no idea. They dont even share the same construction...

Don't know how about the 797, but the RK12 is closer to the real k67 than other k67s tried here:


Re: Cloned C800G ?!
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RK12 i have measured has more low end than 797 edge terminated and original Neumann. That can be tuned in the circuit. But above say 300hz all three of these are virtually the same.

I agree, even RK12 is closer to Neuman's k67 than other replicas.

However, all the measurements i find online, and published by Sony say that C800's capsule is more like chinese 797 k67 than Neumann's k67.

It has more high and low end, high end peak is higher. All properties of 797's k67.

Here comes heretic statement, drum roll please!

If anyone ever finds direct comparison between Behringer B2 and Sony C800 i bet they would sound almost indistinguishable. And most of the difference would come from headbasket construction.

Re: Cloned C800G ?!
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So does one secure the foam in place, or just let it float?  The melamine foam Magic Eraser is appealing—when you cut it, do you have to do anything to the cut edge to keep it from flaking off?  I’m just used to the debris it leaves all over when you use it to clean

This seems like a game changer.  I have never thought to sweep my mic bodies and headbaskets looking for parasitic resonances, etc, but now that seems like a real no-brainer


Re: Cloned C800G ?!
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The foam thing works!  I just cut up a small ugly circular piece of auralex foam and fit it under the capsule on the holding stem.  All the midrange resonance has been absorbed!  Vocals sound buttery smooth now!  Excellent find! 


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