I am extremely interested and serious about learning and understanding DIY audio electronics - I started building them a few years ago and have done so relatively successfully (9 times out of ten they work) Ranging from, 2254C, IJ Sontec, EZ1073, U47 Mic, Mnats 1176, Drip LA2A, SB4000, Franks MEQ/EQP1A and some others.

So I am capable of building and by some stroke of luck, following guidelines, getting them to work. but I don't understand them. I have tried studying online electronics courses but I keep finding that they are very theoretical and become heavily mathematical and are probably geared towards electrical engineers who want to design their own circuits.

Or they are so far away from these types of builds I find it very difficult to relate to what I am trying to achieve. So I am quickly disheartened and discouraged because it becomes very difficult and complicated. I have gone through basic things like Ohms Law, KVL, KCL and node analysis, but even sometimes there I get confused and have questions with little help regarding my own understanding. So I am very frustrated because I really want to get a good understanding and I feel like I am out of options and thought this might be a good place to find someone who can help me

I would really be looking for someone who has a very good understanding of electronics in this audio field and would be able to walk through some schematics with me to help me understand how to read, analyze them and use them for trouble shooting - in simple terms. I want to ensure that I can get new builds working, that they are working correctly and should they break down I will have enough knowledge to repair them. Basically teach me how they were thought.

two builds that I have here that I am struggling to get working - a u87 mic clone and IJ 33609 compressor - so perhaps starting with the u87 as a example or starting point or perhaps some thing else that would still be relevant.

I am in South Africa so I probably wont be able to find someone who could teach me in person - but over Skype would be possible and probably easier any way. perhaps 1 hour or 2 hour sessions. in the evenings (GMT+2) when I am home from my day job (or early mornings) or any time on weekends.

I am obviously willing to pay within reason - can pay via PayPal. If you are interested and willing to help and guide me, I really want to learn.

If you aren't able to help, but know some good online resources or advice that would be applicable to my goals, then that would be great to hear too!

Thank you


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Hey there, I see you never got a response on this. This sounds like a really interesting and potentially fun tutoring session. I have a BS in EE and have designed and repaired audio gear for a few years now. Coincidentally, I also have experience in tutoring mathematics, though I understand you are looking to understand circuits on a more intuitive level. I only mention that to say, tutoring is something I really enjoy and have some experience in!

Let me know if you're still looking for a "DIY Audio Circuits Tutor"



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