Re: personal Vinyl cutter : phonocut
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Glad it’s being restored by someone, and some funds are helping this place. 

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Re: personal Vinyl cutter : phonocut
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This is the MB compressor idea. Someone please steal it.

Been doing some grave-digging and I see your concept is not too distant from a product I had in the 1980's, that I mentioned briefly in the other thread (post #74).
It was a 4-band; 5 band would have resulted in too narrow bands that would result in too much interaction between bands.
However, since you seem content with 1st order filters, that would not be an issue.
It had two rectifiers, one with a typical rms timing (tuned to each band) for compression and a fast one for peak limiting and gating.
Avery small number has been made (less than 100); I often get calls of people (kids?) who are looking for them. One of them has even endeavoured to start a new production. It'll take some time since all blueprints and PCB files are gone; anyway a redesign is necessary since the rms detectors 2252 don't exist anymore, and there's an opportunity to use THAT I/O circuits.
Anyway, it would not be very difficult for me to design the product you want. Producing the schematic would take only a few days, but before, there's a couple of things that need be discussed, in particular the construction. I would think modular is de rigueur.I doubt it would fit in a standard 3U Eurorack, so is a 6U acceptable or should we design a custom enclosure with a dedicated backplane? That determines how the schemo is articulated.
I don't have access anymore to some of the facilities I had before, particularly for construction and we certainly don't have access to the variety of resources we had 40 years ago (ordering pots and switches is almost like organizing D-day).
I would suggest we continue person-to-person.
I'll PM you my e-mail address.
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Re: personal Vinyl cutter : phonocut
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Wow. Thank you all so much. That was incredibly generous guys!
I am just the Web Geek here.


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