API 1608ii remote talkback
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Hey all, looking for advice on rigging up a remote talkback button for an API 1608ii console.

I see the console has a 5-pin XLR talkback remote port, but I can't find existing systems to plug into here, barring the Q2 system, which I'd rather avoid.

Ideally, I'd love to have a metal box, with a button or more likely a footswitch, hardwired to the console.

Is it as simple as rigging up a box with a button/footswitch that, when pressed, makes a connection between pins 3 & 5, firing the relay to engage the console TB mic? Pin 1 could be used for an LED too
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Re: API 1608ii remote talkback
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According to user manual the 5pin XLR only duplicate main remote buttons, no mic input at this connector.

Pin 1 = +5 volts (fused)
Pin 2 = T/B BUS
Pin 3 = T/B ALL
Pin 4 = T/B AUX
Pin 5 = Ground

so depending at what output you want to talk, respectively short pin 2, 3 or 4 to ground (5)
I assume 5V is present to light the push buttons (if you use some with bulb or LED)



Re: API 1608ii remote talkback
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Yeah, I initially had it wrong but had just edited my initial post! Only really need "all" talkback option, so short pin 3 to pin 5.

Thanks for the help!


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