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Maybe on top of the cream  is an almost invisible  layer of  scum  ,
kinda means draining the swamp by pulling out the plug/stopper wont be a terribly effective clean up methodology doesnt it .
Just to reference back to the Irish/English experience ,it was thought at one point that simply banishing undesirable folk to the furthest corner of the earth would improve the genes and improve the race, thats proven wrong  . I think  the Aussie reality shows us that against all the odds people of  most humble origins , over the course of a few generations who are given the chance, can break the chains of mental slavery.

'As long as the mind is enslaved, the body can never be free. Psychological freedom, a firm sense of self-esteem, is the most powerful weapon against the long night of physical slavery'  MLKJr
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To lighten the thread, unless it's dead, in which case should quit while I'm ahead.


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To lighten the thread, unless it's dead, in which case should quit while I'm ahead.


I don't think Jung was a physicist...

 The natural limit to how tall a tree can grow is controlled by the ability of capillary action to draw water higher up the tree trunk and branches. No more water and the tree stops growing taller.


PS: I bet Harvey Weinstein is kicking himself because he doesn't get to produce the Epstein bio-pic.  He probably has some ideas about casting.    ::) ::)  (Sorry, too early?)
It's nice to be nice....

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Epstein/Weinstein conspiracy , has a certain ring to it  :-X

G4S and subsidiaries are trying to show muscle here now ,

.Gov forces canny contain the boil' cap'n
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The threat of private McNab 'n' grab & co,
havent we been here before ?

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that was the version I was looking for ,

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Re: sex trafficking, below video of Ronald Bernard, a dutch banker turned whistleblower gave me pause. Last year he testified before the INTJ commission on human trafficking, and his public confessions on the reality of the skin trade are worth appreciating, even if it is terrible to think about.

Viewer discretion advised.

Edit: Upon reflection, maybe this person is a fabrication, and his testimony was bs. Maybe it was real.  Only a single reference to his death from some obscure news outlet is returned by name search. You'd think it would have been bigger news.

Ronald Bernard never gives facts that can be checked and is probably part of a really weird group that spreads all kind of strange lies.

This group goes back to the dawn of the internet when they called themselves "Uruburu" and started posting to usenet news channels. Horrible child abuse has always been one of their favorite themes. Some hackers spent a lot of time researching/countering them to find only FUD.

Currently, Bernard is a Corona denier. His take on Corona is that bankers conspired with big pharma. Their moniker is "Agenda 2030" (not the one from the United Nations, they like to confuse). It seems to rhyme with some stories about the Bilderberg group (also bankers).

He's usually being interviewed by Irma Schiffers, who calls herself clairvoyant. She runs dozens of blogs, websites and other media items. Her brother is a radio and TV DJ (AVRO). A show he did with his sister was cancelled because of anti-semitic phrases and factual lies. Her audience is the typical conspiracy nut. The kind that believes earth quakes are caused by chemtrails.

It's not clear (to me, at least) if she's in it for fame and money, or if she really believes her take on reality.

The Netherlands seem to have a lot of these attention seekers. I guess they're just to polite to chase them off for being nut-cases.
Why is it people love to believe and hate to know?


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