RCA BC-8 console. How are they? New
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A friend has offered to sell me an RCA BC-8 console. I understand it is a stereo version of the BC-7 with BA-71 pres, BA-73 program amps, and BA-74 monitor amp. It's supposed to be totally stock.

So, how do they sound? Would you run a mix through one? Who has experience with it?
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Re: RCA BC-8 console. How are they?
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I have used and restored a lot of the amp modules but never a whole console.  Doug (EMRR) might have some insight there.  Built with UTC transformers and discrete transistor circuits, I think the amps are great once you recap them with fresh electrolytics.  Very solid sounding on bass, electric guitar and rock drums in my experience. 


Re: RCA BC-8 console. How are they?
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Yes to what Mike said.  Doubt you'd use the console much, which can be said for any old consoles like this.  They're all passive mixers with limited options.  But they look great, so if that's a selling point.    You gotta run low old school levels into everything or use pads....also true of every other old console.   Usually they are a mix of some number of preamps and some number of high level isolation input modules.   I've actually got a BC-7A in the back room currently, I don't recall what's different but it too is stereo....they're all just LR dual mono, actually, no C.  The preamps are 10 electrolytic replacements per, so that's a lot of cap work.   Pretty much all axial caps too.    20ish on the PGM? 

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