ADC Sound Shaper Two and Three Inductor EQ help
« on: March 02, 2020, 12:03:43 PM »
Hello Everyone,

I know this is a long shot but I was seeing if anyone could help me with improving this eq for use in the studio.  They are loaded with high quality inductors and I did test them out in my studio and I got some interesting results.  The Eq has a cool vibe to it but I can't help but feel that the amp section feels a bit "anemic". It appears to be a -10 dbv box so perhaps my signals were a bit hot going in but lowering the signal level didn't change the sound character too much until there was obvious distortion.  I would be interested in ideas for modifying the circuit to improve this unit whether that is just part swapping, beefing up the power suppply, or cutting some traces to isolate the amplifier section and drop in some new boards and reconnect.  There are tantalum capactitors all over this thing so perhaps it would help to swap those.  The service manual has a detailed description on how the circuit operates but it is a bit above my pay grade at the moment so I'm hoping that some of the brilliant folks here can help translate some of that into more practical terms :)


Re: ADC Sound Shaper Two and Three Inductor EQ help
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Try doing a frequency  sweep measurement. If you are loosing low end,it may be time for a recap.

Re: ADC Sound Shaper Two and Three Inductor EQ help
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Thank you, replace the lyric caps is in the plan and increasing values where appropriate. I will have to do more research to understand the amplifier circuit and whether this is limiting the Sonics in any way.


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