the t.bone SCT 700 & thiersch (blue line) Capsule
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Hi all, I just wanted to ask here about my microphone that I modded a couple of years ago.

I got the cheap t.bone SCT 700  Valve microphone and then upgraded the capsule and modified a few of the capacitors with better quality ones and changed the diodes in the PSU I think to lower the voltage a little, the instructions were kindly given from Ruud van Steenis, the mods were.

J.J. Electronics Tube 12AY7
 zener diodes in the power supply from 62V and 56 V
 remove the two 100 nF capacitors connected to the secondary winding of the transformer.
Upgraded capacitors in audio path

My father loves the sound of the microphone, I liked it too but had found it a bit dark or a bit lacking presence and forwardness, my question is are those mods satisfactory ? as I know this circuit was not made for that capsule by Thiersch, is this simple mod ok to use ? It sounds good but Im just concerned that if this capsule is not meant for this circuit then there may be freq responce Issues ?
I was going to upgrade to the full U47 Fet or valve but never had the funds to finish it!



Re: the t.bone SCT 700 & thiersch (blue line) Capsule
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What is the capsule type you are using?
An M7 capsule is known to sound 'darker' than a K47 capsule.
There is a solution for every problem!


Re: the t.bone SCT 700 & thiersch (blue line) Capsule
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the mic's sound depends mainly of the capsule's sound.
if you've disconnected all the filters in the headamp, there is nothing you can do more.
increasing the polarisation tension won't change significantly the high end frequency response, only the sensitivity.
I've compared Thiersh M7 mylar and Flea K47 mylar (skinned by Thiersch) VS Neumann K47/K49.
Thierch's capsules sound definitely darker.
These are however very usable capsules imho.
nothing you can fix with a good EQ...
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Re: the t.bone SCT 700 & thiersch (blue line) Capsule
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The capsule is this one, the blue line

The Thierch capsule sounds darker but I heard that the red line is a little more clear at the top end ?
Yeah! I agree about EQ

Thanks Guy's

SO really putting this capsule in the SCT700 is not something will have nocked the freq response out as the original capsule in the device will have not been drastically different to this STW7 upgrade ?

Re: the t.bone SCT 700 & thiersch (blue line) Capsule
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The Thiersh blue line is a tad softer in the top end, less sibilant but close, and still darker than a Neumann k49.
The sound is, for me,  a bit more "3D" with the Neumann .
Thiersch has beautiful low mids.
it's a matter of taste, some prefer Thiersch, but both are high end capsules.


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