The Unfolding Meta-Crisis Jordon Hall
« on: March 23, 2020, 04:01:33 PM »

With this complete upheaval of everything we know a new way of thinking  is the only way out.   

Interesting conversation where the old wise ones (Ok Boomer),may have to turn over control to the younger Intelligent and Brave ones to sort this out.    You have to have both  skills to succeed.

Help Mr Wizard!   It’s the end of the world as we know it.


Re: The Unfolding Meta-Crisis Jordon Hall
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Part of the message refers to the problems with traditional structures to cope with the changes covid has created.   CDC testing requirements in the US required all swabs be sent to the CDC and not allowed to be analyzed in the field.   This created the time to send and then analyze results and then send them back out.   Days would go by for results that other countries would accomplish in hours.  It’s similar problems with online classes and old school systems trying to cope with continued classes in a pandemic.   These systems are forced to deal with a world were new ways of thinking are required.  Most collages are run by people born in the 50s or 60s and are stuck in the world they understand.   It’s going to take younger views to embrace a world changed to one us boomers do not understand.    Things could change rapidly after this pandemic.  We see glaring weaknesses in the worlds traditional structures of the past that now must change for the present and the future.  Brave and smart people with out the ties to tradition, meaning younger people will need to lead this one.


Re: The Unfolding Meta-Crisis Jordon Hall
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Thanks Faze for the link. Haven't finished the podcast so won't comment except to say that plenty of friends agree with you. Why must all viable presidential candidates be 70+?  Surely the added wisdom garnered between the ages of 60 and 70 is not all that significant.


Re: The Unfolding Meta-Crisis Jordon Hall
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Wild ride.... Like listening to an  Oracle type or something....

Thanks for sharing...  Jeez...I Had to listen before bed.. lol


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