Chassis Clamp for Power Resistor?
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Hey all,

See attached image. I'm pretty sure this doesn't exist as a mass-produced product, but if it does I'd love to know about it! If it in fact doesn't, I'd love to hear your thoughts about how to make one in a more elegant fashion than I did...

I'm using a 10W 470-ohm resistor in place of a 5Y3 in a Filmosound 385-style circuit, and I decided to go with these new-fangled radial resistors to save on board space and also give it that tube-like functionality as a swappable component (could use different values to get varying amounts of sag). I'm using PCB socket pins to grab the resistor leads, but I found that a clamp on the chassis is needed for additional stability and to make sure this component doesn't get torqued out/broken. It is very similar to can-cap mounts -- except that no one seems to make them.



Re: Chassis Clamp for Power Resistor?
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Or you could get one of these type [1]:


mounted on the inside with bolts through to a heat sink on the outside. Note that the power rating of these depend on being mounted to a heat sing with suitable dissipation. Something chunky with fins will work best.

[1] Vishay RH010500R0FE02


Re: Chassis Clamp for Power Resistor?
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Yeah those are the only mass-produced chassis-mount resistors - but I like the modular aspect of the clamp + PCB sockets...



Re: Chassis Clamp for Power Resistor?
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Maybe a simple worm screw clamp attaching the resistor to a screw sticking up from the chassis.

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Re: Chassis Clamp for Power Resistor?
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it'd be easy to square up the sides of a standard capacitor clamp. It'd be nearly identical to what you have in your picture.
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