1:5 mic pre input transformers
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Okay guys. I'm really liking the sound of the Cinemag 1:5 mic pre input transformer on my tube preamp. It seems to be middle of the road in terms of hi-fi with a hint of coloration.

Just out of curiosity, do you all have any other 1:5 recommendations? For example, going in both directions toward either neutral or colored. It would be nice to have a couple options for either super-fast transients versus big, fat vintage.

Anything that's off the beaten path and lesser known? Would need to be modern production and available.


Re: 1:5 mic pre input transformers
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This one:
Very simple dicrete mic pre, low noise, beautifully coloured sound!
(It´s not a fuzz box, you can make clean recordings with it too)
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"Why not get an assistant to work the faders? Real vintage! And maybe cheaper... ;)"


Re: 1:5 mic pre input transformers
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Jensen makes the JT-13k7-A. They also make a 1:4.8 input called JT-13k6-c.

Edcor makes a 1:5. No can on that one. You’d have to shield it yourself.

Sowter has one or two as well, One is a 1+1:5 (9045).

OEP may have one, Never bought any of their stuff.

As far as modern production, “off the beaten path”, I got nothin.
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