Re: Suggestions needed for software, interface etc.
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A new version of Ivan's  E1DE 9038S  is due in any time , it will include an android app thats able to tweek the dac settings via usb, it also has improved performance over generation 2 ,lower noise , lower distortion and wider bandwidth , at 384khz he quotes 5-160000hz +0.1/-3db .
Just goes to show how much easier it is to design a DAC than an ADC. Now if he could make a ADC flat out to 80KHz I would be interested.



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Re: Suggestions needed for software, interface etc.
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Theres not much in the way of ADC out there really ,
There is one old TI evaluation board that looks good ,  PCM4222EVM  ,
It will do up as far as 192khz , every parameter is adjusted by jumper old style
Uses high grade op amps and keeps everything balanced right up to the ADC inputs .
Its around a long long time and doesnt support higher sample rates , theres also around 100 jumpers to set all the parameters:(
It is available from Alied for 175$

TLV320ADC6140 quad-channel 768-kHz Burr-Brown™ audio ADC evaluation module  is also an option ,  it comes with an xmos usb controler card , every parameter is controlable in a very comprehensive software called pure path console. 
the unit can be configured for many different uses
You get either balanced or unbalanced inputs 2v(1v) basic sensitivity, no fancy op amps up front .  200$
A 30$ USb Xmos board and one of the TI ADC chips on a break out board might do more or less the same job ,but without the additional software that allows full access to the dsp /mixer settings easily.

Im very tempted to try one of the E1DE Gen3 DAC's and use it as source for  test signals,  with the calibration available on the chip itself via the app it should be able to offer up an extremely accurate low distortion test signal to well  beyond 100khz.


Re: Suggestions needed for software, interface etc.
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recently managed to acquire a mid 2012, Unibody, last of the upgradeable MacBook Pro i7 quad cores.

Pretty good choice, thats a great machine.
In case you haven't done it, upgrade the RAM to max , it's 16GB max.
And install one or 2 SSD drives, I like to use Samsung Evo

Lastly, if this quad core i7 is simply too long in the tooth, don't hold back, I need to know.

Not the computer itself, the problem is the new MacOS you installed, Apple does a new MacOS version each year so they can turn older and pretty capable computers obsolete.
Your Computer would run better on Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite.
If you are happy with Catalina, if its stable and it works fine for your needs, resist the urge to update the OS every year.
Actually dont do it

I have a Late 2011 Macbook, I run Mavericks on it, run Protools and REW.
Works great


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