What now? It seems Saudi's were doing a little more than promoting Islam in the USA?
Why is it people love to believe and hate to know?

These three seem to be linked to the flight that supposedly hit the Pentagon and cost 125 lives , curious that the FBI were also invloved in confiscation of video footage from the scene that day.
The whole accidental leak scenario sounds cooked up to me , probably raising public awareness of this guy makes him easier to track down and neutralise. It just whets the public interest and creates possible leads for the people trying to keep a lid on or clean up the situation. the guys name coming ito the public domain isnt such an issue ,preventing him from ever opening his mouth especially in front of a congressional oversight committee is probably the real end game.


I don't know how much of a secret this was... reportedly the majority of 9/11 hijackers were saudi citizens. Some more drama about a planeload of saudi relatives allowed to fly out of the US while airspace was locked down immediately after 9/11.

Saudi funding Wahabism inadvertently funds a lot of anti-american activity.  The religious conservatives there are offended about US military presence in mecca.

This is a very old screed so check my facts.... The only possible reason for bringing this up now is to pressure saudis to pump less oil while US oil industry is under so much price pressure.
An old friend who visited me yesterday (drove up from FL) said he bought gas for $1.39 a gallon.

Don't only half-ass tune your drums. Visit to hear what properly "cleared" drums sound like.


said he bought gas for $1.39 a gallon

I’ve seen it for $1.25/gal in Colorado


I’ve seen it for $1.25/gal in Colorado
Interstate rest stop gas is usually higher....

My car gas tank is full...  8)

Don't only half-ass tune your drums. Visit to hear what properly "cleared" drums sound like.

The fact that many of the hijackers were Saudi citizens is well known and publicised , as was the fact people related to Bin Laden were allowed out of the country soon after sept 11, what wasnt well known was that this person who was named in public worked as a diplomat in the US on behalf of the Saudi government. Johns point about it being timed to exert leverage seems plausible too.


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