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I like writing away from a computer, with little low-fi portable recording devices.  It's a whole lot more fun and productive for me than trying to simultaneously be pro engineer at the same time as being a creative spirit who's tapping into his inner freak, for lack of a better term.   Emotions, that's the better term.

Anyway, my new approach is to keep those processes separate, even if I'm going to end up doing both the rough demo on a low-fi portable device, as a sort of colour preliminary/smaller version of what I intend it to be... and a higher production value in the end using good equipment - or working with others to get it up to scratch.  There is a certain level the production has to be at to be competitive in music, in my experience.  I used to have demoitis.  Where I was afraid I'd get too attached to a demo, because it had captured the raw energy so well.  But, over time I've found that if I do enough sketching, and then scaling it up to final it is not as scary as trying to jump right into amazing production value.  That can be a big buzz kill... but it does sometimes work too breaking out the big canvas without a thing preplanned.  So many ways to go about it.  I have riffs from twenty years ago that may see the light of day sometime.. or as bluebird said, throw up a loop, start improvising. 

Let's not forget that people like Peter Gabriel sometimes takes years to piece together songs and there are multiple versions created before final.

Other times, someone in their bedroom on a laptop creates a song that resonates with and audience, in a hour.

I don't want to see any screens in the writing... and often like the lights off now.  It's weird perhaps, but has been working..

I don't mind your plugin idea, even if I'm not a plugin kinda guy.  I'm sure it'd be both fun and useful for lots of people.


 Hell yeah with this! Broad strokes, for sure!
I was actually just interviewed for a podcast about the creative process and the interviewer was telling me that recording a song is like this final glue added to the process and once it's recorded it has this sense of permanence; it's the point of no return for him. He may be able to rerecord the song, but as far as lyrics and structure, recording is what cements it in place in his brain. I find it so interesting, as I am the opposite. Recording is the start and end of the song and fluid throughout up until the mixing session. This, I feel, is the benefit of using Pro Tools. I can write, compose, and revise interchangeably.

 Fortunately, engineering is second nature to me. Pro Tools is second nature to me. My biggest hurdle is clearing my mind of all the outside voices, and just learning to listen to my own - it's the only way I can write music. I tend to write lyrics outside, or in complete silence, alone.

 I spent many years writing on a 4-track. It really does put you in  a different headspace, the hiss really sets this mood, gives you a backdrop to clear the mind. Alas, I have found that if I turn off my monitor and just use the transport on my little Command 8, I can achieve a similar, albeit not the same, headspace -  but I end up with usable takes that usually make the final recording. Of course I say that, but it should be noted that I throw away much more songs than I release.

 Peter Gabriel's "Up" record is one of the greatest musical accomplishments I've had the pleasure of hearing. Incredible record inside and out. Also, one of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's last performances! Crazy to hear them play it live in the studio. Is it true that he records in A=432hz? I've read that there is this entire subculture of musicians who record in 432.

  If there ever was to be a GroupDiy plugin, it would have to be open source and crazy variable, some way for people to "demo" components to get an idea of what they want for their build. Edcor, UTC, Carnhill, Sowter? Op Amp? Tubes? If there was a way to component model and demo certain essential components to get more of an idea on how your build will sound with x, y, & z.
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