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David (Tubetec),
I'm sorry the thread turned out seeming so divisive, which is pretty much the opposite of my message and goal to bring people together.  I'm going to stop bringing it up and using so much energy on talking about it.  I did remark on how fatiguing it is in my first post, and it'll just go in circles.  I don't think we're all so far apart though after going through the motions. 

Hope you're doing well as you can be during a difficult time.  I recorded a little spontaneous song idea after I read your touching post about your mom but didn't send it to you because it's far too rough.


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I remember thinking as I first got involved in sound and music recording ,would the simple pleasure of non critical listening to music and just enjoying it as is be spoiled by the technicalities  .Back in the days when I got my first tape player and copied my friends brothers records from vinyl over to cassette tape , clearly tape wasnt as good but it really didnt diminish my enjoyment all that much. A badly squarewaved low bandwidth MP3 is much more objectionable to either a crusty record or even a slightly wonky tape.
In subsequent years I did record a 'Workshop Blues' tape consisting mostly of the music of Robert Johnson played by a buddy , the vocal is fuzzled on the peaks but I still wouldnt change a thing about how it was done , there was naggins of vodka involved on the part of the performer too ,again it lent something to the selected takes ,didnt take away .


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You know what?  A lot of younger people are accumulating memories of this very pivotal time, and what they're hearing is going to include a lot of nasty videoconferencing issues.  That'll be part of the memory, though - that living room solo livestream from a favorite performer, poorly recorded and squeezed through a lot of very lossy compression.

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Yeah many performers are getting hood winked into doing free performances via social media , or donating proceeds to charity , meanwhile 'Screwtube' runs clean away with advertising revenues generated,
I heard an interview with an English/Irish punk rock musician lately where she was continually asked to do charity gigs at venues in NY , when she asked if the bar staff were getting paid and if any profits made by the house were being donated ,she got 'um ,no' as the answer ,it was only the performers were expected to do it for free .Poor video streaming is an order of magnitude worse again than any form of hardware or software playback , are we just getting softened up for even more sh*ttier quality than we've become used to ?  double jobbing as musician and sound engineer ,not to mention the limitations of internet streaming ,sounds like s**t to me.
 Of all lines of artistic endevour music has been the most badly hit by covid , either by design or co-incidence this lockdown bears a striking resemblance to Stalinist totalitarianism.

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A lot of people love the Rachmaninoff recording because it was played by the master himself so there is a matter of musicality over sound quality, however, I think that the performance would have achieved more if they had available the recording technology of today, its just a fantasy I know, but let me tell you, I prefer more modern recordings of the same piece, even if they weren't played by the master himself, just because its easier for me to listen to a good piano recording with out the hiss, the lack of bass or the honky sound of the Rachmaninoff recording.


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co-incidence this lockdown bears a striking resemblance to Stalinist totalitarianism.

And the Matrix

abbey road d enfer

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public has spoken.  sales of new classical (digital) are nearly non-existent.   
Sales of any genre of records are non-existent, period.

meanwhile, Brian's friends in Salinas, Kansas have been selling vintage vinyl, including classical recordings for years.
Are you aware that a very large proportion of these records never get played? About 1 out of 4 vinyl buyers do not have a record player...
Who's right or wrong is irrelevant. What matters is what's right or wrong.
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well the Fairchild 670 was designed for classical music,  Rein wanted something that would handle those huge peaks you get from a live orchestra but at the same time not lose the detail of the quiet passages.  those different time constants are for all the different types of cymbals they use,

alcohol is a temporary solution to a long term problem. 
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Analag's Design
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I am currently building a Poor Man 670. I started it 4 years ago. COVID-19 isolation has helped me prioritize my time, and I'm currently wiring everything up.

Cheers to Analag for designing some of themost legendary builds on GDIY!
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