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Reverb is such a matter of personal taste, I doubt the results of such tests would be conclusive.  Can there be an universally accepted"absolute best reverb"? What is the best beer in the world? I guess your answer would be "mine"...
My beer is exactly what I want....  8)
Over the decades I have dealt with artificial reverbs. IIRC the classic technical paper on the subject was written by a guy named "Schroder" something about "colorless reverb" using multiple delays and recirculation. Early technology was crude but reverb algorithms can be subjective.

Modern digital platforms should not be a limiting factor like they were way back when. Modern reverbs could be better, whether they are or not YMMV.

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Did you ever hear a EMT250? Now that´s a very old DSP. It sounds great, though. One of the best reverbs ever.

You're right, very old DSP and computer on the EMT250 and it sounds great. Always liked that machine.

Have you listen the UAD EMT 250 emulation? Sounds fantastic, it's wonderful.

Last year I had a Live Broadcast mix of a Portuguese artist for Serbia TV.
We went to Belgrade to a really nice  historic studio. The studio complex belongs to the Serbian Government and it was packed with nice vintage equipment, MCI JH500 console, all the vintage Neumann microphones and they had an EMT 250.

I always loved the EMT 250 and have some settings I really enjoy,
we tried to use the studio's 250 but in the middle of the soundcheck it started to produced lots of noise and then introduced digital distortion in the reverb decays.
I had my UAD satellite and my soundcard, so I used the UAD EMT 250 instead, it sounded absolutely fantastic, it was easy so carry, I had no noise or maintenance costs. Maric the studio Engineer was really impressed with the sound.

Digital reverbs are just getting better and better over time, it was a big improvement since the 70s and 80s, and there are fantastic recreations of the classic old timers

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Collecting item
Re-Sale Value
and also because most of them seem to be regarded as really well built in it's day.
Exactly, and most of these causes cannot be assessed objectively. That was where I was coming to.
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Thats exactly my point, if its  just an algorithm, then why an old DSP should be praised instead of a modern CPU and a plug-in, we are talking information here not circuitry.



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