Good Chinese capsules suppliers?
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I'm done ordering from WGTcenter, my order wasn't even shipped until around when it should've arrived, and it's now been two months since I ordered the capsule. My last capsule from them also had wasn't in the best shape. It was scuffed up a bit, nothing major wrong with the membranes except some very small scratches that looked cosmetic.  I can understand things taking longer to arrive because of COVID, but they didn't even ship it for a month according to the tracking. And it hasn't been updated since that time either. It's just "posted" and "cleared customs, en route to destination ". So buying from them is off the table in the future. This is what I expect from some free shipping eBay/AliExpress thing from China, except those at least arrive close enough to the expected date that I'm not bothered.

Are there any good sources for the Chinese K47s? I know a couple listings on Alibaba that allow single orders for the edge terminated capsules, but haven't seen one for center terminated K47 copies.

Or is the best option just a group buy?

Since WGTcenter charges $50 USD anyway, I think I might just order from 797 if they'll do small orders.

Re: Good Chinese capsules suppliers?
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Re: Good Chinese capsules suppliers?
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WGTCenter is insisting it was sent out in time even though their own provided tracking shows it wasn't posted until the last week of May. When I bought it at the end of April, and they sent an email claiming it was shipped April 30th. If your page says 10-30 days for delivery, and you don't ship it until almost 30 days after the sale, that's not being shipped on time. The first thing I bought from them came in like 2 weeks. I certainly won't be buying from them again. Even the tracking link they sent shows it wasn't sent out until the end of May.
Never tried theese.

As far I know, 797 don't make k47

Thought I read on here that they did. Either way, They still only charge a bit more than WGTCenter, though I don't know if they allow single orders. They do samples for like $60 for one capsule, and WGTCenter charges $50.

Interestingly those appear to be the only K47s on the site. The others are all appear to be K67s, even if the listing says K47. Looks like they'll sell samples.
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Re: Good Chinese capsules suppliers?
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WGT center is a real nightmare.
In the past I have ordered their K47 capsules and often they have sent me K67 capsules instead.
When I contacted them they asked me if I wouldn't keep the wrong capsules for 50% of the price.
But if I need K47 capsules, I am not willing to pay money for something that I have not ordered and cannot use!
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Re: Good Chinese capsules suppliers?
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I agree with Ruud - dealing with wgtcenter can be difficult.

I ordered one of their CK12 style edge terminated - and got a K47!
Fortunately it was via their Ebay store (which seems to have gone now?) so I got a refund - and they didn't ask me to return the wrong capsule either -  so the cheapest K47 I've ever received!

Alibaba do seem to be prepared to supply single sample K47s  - according to this page: - A DIY RF condenser mic project

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I've never ordered a mic capsule from Alibaba, but everything I've ordered from AliExpress has come on time or just a couple days late.

Re: Good Chinese capsules suppliers?
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Finally got my capsule. It is the K47 model, but it ain't pretty Nothing wrong with the diaphragm from what I see, but the area by the backplate is a bit discoloured and scuffed up.

I think I'm gonna buy from Alibaba or AliExpress if people start selling the K47 copies on the latter. It already has the RK12 for what WGT Center charges plus free DHL shipping.
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Re: Good Chinese capsules suppliers?
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I got some Getwin k87 capsules and found them really good. I compared to the Microphone Parts one and they look and sound very similar.
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Re: Good Chinese capsules suppliers?
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I hadn't heard of the Getwin store on Alibaba before. This K47 type looks interesting enough to get a couple of samples.

Edit: I wonder if these are the same as/similar to the new 47-type capsules Chunger mentioned he recently received (but hasn't posted yet) for his store....
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Re: Good Chinese capsules suppliers?
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Ressurecting old topic...

Has anyone ordered and tried those K47 from Getwin store?

Any good?


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