Affordable Lexan Overlay manufacturing
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Let me know if I'm not posting in the right forum category.

I have a Mesa/Boogie Triaxis guitar preamp which controls are operated with a contact membrane covered by a lexan overlay, like the keypads you see on industrial machines.

The membrane still work fine but the overlay got damaged and was removed. No need to say that it looks aweful.

I'm trying to find a shop that can make only one overlay to replace the old one.

I have a model made in Adobe Illustrator, I just need to have it manufactured.

I contacted 5-6 shops I found on google and the cheaper was 200$ CAD and they can't do tactile bumps... A chinese shop can do all of it but wants $350usd for one exemplary. I guess I'm not the type of client they're interested in...

Anyone knows a good place?

Ps: Here's attached a picture of the part I want to replace. I'm not even sure it is mode of polycarbonate I'm a total newb on all this stuff, maybe someone could help find a solution...
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Re: Affordable Lexan Overlay manufacturing
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It is quite complexe, here are the different process I think are involved:

Lexan Overlay
1.53125" x 17"
0.01" thickness
28 Tactile bumps
"See-through" windows for 11 segment LED displays
13 clear spots for LEDs
1 circle cut-out for a knob
Adhesive back that will hold on a keypad membrane (plastic)
4 colours (black, white, gray, dark purple)
Words and symbols printing

Each of those process/colour are a different layer on my .ai file
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Re: Affordable Lexan Overlay manufacturing
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Maybe front panel express? But not sure they can do the bumps either.  Have you tried Mesa for a replacement?


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