Looking for studio tech anywhere in the US....
« on: August 11, 2020, 04:03:57 PM »
I own a recording studio in the Seattle area and we have a local tech who's great for bigger stuff (mixing console, tape machines, etc), but charges an arm and a leg. We are looking for someone with more reasonable rates whom we can ship smaller pieces of gear to for repair/maintenance (ie. 500 series, rack gear, mics, small PSU's, etc.)

I am able to do basic repairs and maintenance myself (simple circuits, recapping, etc.) but need someone who is capable of the tougher troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair. If you're interested please reply here or PM me. Thanks!

Re: Looking for studio tech anywhere in the US....
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Maybe reach out to AudioProz in Boston. The guy there Vince is a class A asshole... but getting that out of the way, he's like 68 and probably a straight 160 IQ genius who can fix any and everything there possibly is with audio. He's a good guy at his heart and in no way is ever trying to F anyone over. His shop honestly could be more profitable, but he won't sell or recommend products he feels the manufacturer is being dishonest about or doesn't offer support. For example, he quit being a Bose authorized repair center because he feels bose is dishonest about their products. The shop is swamped with work at the moment though, COVID has everyone wanting their record player repaired.

If you can get past his personality issues, you'll get the best repair at a fair price. His credits go to managing a product line for Tom Holman (THX surround inventor), designing and managing products at KLH, H.H. Scott. He's one of the last men standing who is an expert in tube technology who was actually alive and working while they were mass produced. So basically he's not just a local handyman who's good with a circuit. He's spent real time designing products and managing production.

Like $40-80 fee for sending something in and looking at it plus repair. Fee is included in the price of repair, so $120 repair is $80+ an additional $40 for us to send it back for example.

I shouldn't quite say us. I just quit lol. But if you want to give me brownie points you can say Ryan referred you, though I didn't exactly leave on good terms.. the way his personality is. Obviously, my source comes from actually working there day in and day out. Feel free to check the reviews. You'll see a mix of "asshole," "savant," and the idiots who think something shady went on. I quit because I can't take working with him on a day to day basis, but fact is, he can fix anything, is fair, and would never under any circumstances lie to a customer or overcharge. He's where I'll take my repairs anyways.



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