trident series 80/75/65 input module mod's to no cost New
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Hello everyone
trident audio group was closed so we trident fans we are sad.
anyway I wanted to propose a personal mod for these class of console.

The issue these days is to increase the incoming quality of the line,
considering that by now many of us have mics preamps out of the mixer.

these three class of consoles all have the same input line schematic.  so made one for all.
I propose my personal modifications
and I consider the 65 series for convenience to which I will attach the schematic.

obviously we start from a good power supply.

after many and many tests the integrated that more improves the sound of channel input
 is that position num. ID 11     in the schematic      (the op.amp in position numID  1 and num ID10 don't improve much)
the ID 11  is the one after the fader.
now that you know it you can try it

these is a strategic place that improves the sound.
we are in the line drive output.

Walt Jung, Walt Kester
Walt Jung
Audio Preamplifiers
(Single ended line drivers are simple conceptually, but when pushed to performance limits in dynamic range and distortion, they challenge device choice. The AD797 answers this challenge with its input noise of ≤1nV/√Hz and a distortion canceling output stage. These features allow low and high extremes of dynamic range to be pushed simultaneously.)

I chose AD 797 but also BB604 and the expensive IC. by THAT will be fine.

the IC change in this place takes a couple of dB off the mids freq.  and the sound is less mud.
even using the  new  enhancements  op. amp in places 1 and 10 , you will have not a best result.

second modification:
 remove all caps num. ( look at the schematic)  7,10,11,36,37,39 and link the contacts.
nothing happens except that the bridal veil that covers the sound is removed.
easily listenable modification at no cost.
Leave the capacitor 41 because it is the only one that makes some sound  effect.
 if you removed  it ,  a small "bump"  will be there , when depress/pressing the MUTE button on channel strip.

3 mod. always at no cost

unsolder resistance n. 13 on the one side.
this will  bypasses the line PAD and you will have a " insane" dynamic
(wow that headroom !!!)
but still very usable. try it guys.
you will have a  lots of air and space around the signal.
now that everyone comes out of converters to go into mixer  line  in,  we can adjust the signal level from the DAW.

changes 2 and 3 are enough to make you happy.  with any expense.
 change the OP. AMP not is the more  important mod.

then if you want to put some good IC in place ID 11,  it will better.

a rotary switch for the 6 steps and then use resistors to get your 10K Log
with first step direct to signal
 to replace the original pot it would be my happiness. it would be a completely reversible modification when needed.

maybe or made some mistake. tell me !!
I know many of you understand electronics very well so all criticism will be welcome.

I've been working like this for a few months now and I'm very happy.
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