DR-MQ5 first edition face plate with red/brown accents (default version from diy-racked had blue accents)

- All components to finish this stepped mastering EQ included
- Main PCB soldered, more or less 95%.
- Italian-made G.Milani Palazzo switches (10pcs 2x24position, 10pcs 1x24position, 6pcs 1x11position, 2pcs 2x11position)
- John Hardy DOA
- Burr Brown opamps
- Sontec style knobs from Banzai Music
- Miyama toggle swtiches
- PCB connector cables for all faceplace mounted switches

I'll arrange with detailed pictures of everything if there's a serious buyer. (everything is packed down at the moment)

1400 euros (price is not negotiable). Was planning to use this for my small scale mastering studio but now selling due to lack of time to finish the project. It's only go if someone else wants to take a short route to get all pieces ready and delivered in one package. If it doesn’t go for the asking price I’ll keep it and finish it myself at a later point. Shipping inside EU possible and strive for it to be included in the price above.
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After a few questions regarding the kit and the pricing I did a quick check on my orders and here comes list of the costs for this project so far. Should be 100% of the parts needed, with reservation that there might be a single component somewhere that has fallen out of the order lists.

Dropbox folder with picture found here:

Prices are listed as if bought with 0 VAT.

DR-MQ5 costs
435   Diy-racked kit
85   Farnell
38   Farnell
258   Mouser
59   Banzai Music
301   G.Milani
146   Don Audio
153   John Hardy
32   Farnell
28   UralTone
54   Burr Brown opamps
1589 TOTAL (so around 1900 euro in parts if calculated with an approx VAT of 20%)

At the same time a pricing update, will agree to sell for 1400 euro (will try to get shipping inside EU included in this amount, as long as it isn't to a country that doesn't cost a fortune to ship to ;) )


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