DR-609 [Need help]
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So in May I bought this kit from DIY Racked.
After several months of waiting on PCBs I finally got them assembled.

Not 1 of the PCBs I got calibrated +/- what the guide tells me to do.
The second PCB I got stuck at the limiter / compressor part, the AMP and Meter works.

So the guide tells me to adjust RV4 to 1.945V but I can't get it higher then 1.801V.
All the things after this doesn't turn out like it should.

I attached the guide and Schematics I got from DIY RACKED.


Re: DR-609 [Need help]
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And the schematic


Re: DR-609 [Need help]
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Hey Bernd, you might not get much response to this here.  There was some drama with Tat from DIY Racked here years ago (well before my time, so I don’t know details) and he’s still persona non grata, and as a result, threads about his projects don’t tend to get a lot of traction.

Still, I know it sucks to get stuck on a project without much help, so hopefully someone will chime in to help you.


Re: DR-609 [Need help]
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Hi Bernd,

Have you contacted DIY-Racked about your issues?
Their FAQ states 'Our tech guys will help you personally'...

Most of their products are probably very close spin-offs (if not exact copies) of GDIY or IJ-Audio projects. So look for the IJ 33609 thread and see if that leads to something.

Also, tracing signal with a generator/scope should reveal where audio stops. Try to isolate the problem (eg is the main audio path working with the sidechain disconnected?)

Good luck,



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