Klontz audio trouble
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Klontz audio
here’s my story ,

I saw on several sites that people buy from Klontz audio
it’s seems to be nice gear also very payable
so i took contact and placed a order for 3 units , value of $5000
it’s was waiting long befor i received my first unit a mastering EQ
i opened the box and , saw beautiful build EQ 4 units , 5 bands
i packed it out and there’s was a know broken off from the selecter , so i mailed Klontz and i had
repaired the knob myself
so much later i received a other package with 2 other , Pultec EQ and volume controller
ik had a discussion about the pultec because i was not happy with the pultec because i mailed for a
inductor EMI  clone  EQ ????????? so i don’t understand where the conversation went wrong ?????!!!!!!!!!
so after many mails i packed the pultec out , had a small test on a smaler system and seems it’s works fine
i placed the Pultec for sale , cause i was not happy with this and the situation
so somebody was interested here where i live and i taken the pultec to the studio if the person would come
he can have a listen to it , so i also tested it first and i noticed a weird kind of phasing effect on the right channel
when i opened the volume more it’s really does do strange LFO low kind noise
so i mailed Klontz audio and there’s the problems started !
i had contacted Klontz audio , he say's i have a warranty for 2 years ?????? then he say's , find someone who can help and it's maybe 2 hours work and cost $60 he say's ?????? technician here work for 60 euro/hour , and he had placed a add on the diy forum to look for someone to help , because he want to pay only 2 hours work , and he say's he has found a diy guy  , but who is the diy guy , it can be someone that even can read a schematic ???  i have a good tech here 30 min for where i live , he ignore !!!
i had plenty of mails to klontz audio , then he comes with a sort of policy ????
he say’s if you read the policy before you buy you know he say’s ???
i never saw somewhere a policy , no policy at his Facebook and never talked about it ?
so with other words , if something like the pultec arrives DOA , he doesn’t take anything back for repair
your on your own ?? he only pay’s $60 for repair and he talks about warranty for 2 years ? with Warranty ??
i try to claim with PayPal , but the service he do doesn’t fall in the PayPal protection
so here i’m stuck with a lot of problems , Klontz audio alway’s find a way not to talk about it , a policy or whatever
so to make this story short
if you buy at klontz audio you should know

-PayPal doesn’t cover
-when it’s broken you have to take care of it , and he try to find a diy that’s works for free or cheap
-he send pictures of the unit when it’s been shipped , not before
spare al your emails and conversation from hem , think he also changing your mails to show you
cause ik know what i ordered
-i had asked for some options, he ignored
just lost $2200 ! on a new item
see pictures of conversation and video of the problem


Re: Klontz audio trouble
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i have a tech that had look onder the hood , and say's what your hear is the clipping of the power supply
he say's that the power supply is to weak to feed the tubes

Re: Klontz audio trouble
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Can't fully understand what you are saying, ever heard of periods and paragraphs?


Re: Klontz audio trouble
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Can't fully understand what you are saying, ever heard of periods and paragraphs?

From the looks of things, the OP is mad. He seems to have ordered units  from klontz audio. One was parametric eq used for mastering and it arrived with a broken knob. He had to fix it himself as tech support was less the stellar.  He also ordered a pultec style eq and it distorts. He took the pultec style to a tech who says it's distorting because the PSU is underpowered.  Over all the dude is mad and might be typing at such a pace that there is no time for punctuation or paragraphs because he is mad. He also warning us about said business.
You tell me whar a man gits his corn pone, en I'll tell you what his 'pinions is.


Re: Klontz audio trouble
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Well, taking a look at it's website, which is a blogger web with no self domain or web hosting, the contact email is a gmail account, the very last thing I would do is order from them.

Lots of people can build a nice looking audio processor, but running a business providing services to a profesional oriented market is a whole different issue.

If someone is selling <1000K € price tag products and not even caring about having a proper website or email, I really doubt about cuetomer services he can provide.

I wish you luck. I would try to fix the problems myself or with a trusted technician, trying not to loose much money.
Working on it...


Re: Klontz audio trouble
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Uh sorry, just read it.

ok, I can say this guy is a dishonest buyer. Yes, one knob get lose during shipping (sontec style eq), he fixed it, done!

The problem is, he's very mad because he's realize place wrong order (another gear), and put blame on me. it's a stereo Pultec.  Tested hours before shipping. Broken fuse when arrive, but it's work after replace it. He said never like pultec before (he hate pultec), and it's look he don't like this one too, he start to talk non sense, bad tubes, etc...

When placing order, it's look that he did not understand what term "inductor" Eq, I ask him, "is it pultec eq?" he said yes. he paid for 2k for stereo stepped pultec, carnhill inductor, 6 trafo. But it's look he want something else, what he want is a stereo combo TG12412 + TG12413 for 2k, that I'm never offered yet.   

He don't read the invoices, he don't read the warranty policy, it wrote super clearly there.

Then he make up story on paypal and place dispute (another gear). He order "666", I sent invoice for "666", he paid it. Next day he change the order to "435", few weeks later I ship 435, he received the unit, one knob lose, fixed, but he's happy. About a month later he make up story and place dispute for "wrong item". He want 666, not 435. I cannot use my paypal because of it. It's happened after he realize he place wrong order for the inductor EQ that make him mad.

Yes, he order total almost 5K for 3 gears, that's included expedite shipping cost to Belgia (almost $800).
Sontec style Eq, a Stereo pultec and a custom Monitor controller.

If he read the invoices, he will find the warranty policy (attached), if something happen he should follow the it.  Although it's low price gear, I try to give the best warranty. I always try helpful when something happen with my customer, but it need customer cooperation, but it's hard talk to such arrogant customer. And he threatening me if I don't give what he want, he will posting negative on many  forum, etc...uh..

Ok, that's my clarification, I have all email conversation record with him, not just my words, so if you must make a judgment, you better read it first, you can request from me (not very interesting lol). Sorry for all of this.

Want more information? just ask me, I will happy to answer it.

Klontz Audio



Re: Klontz audio trouble
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This is the conversation when he order the "inductor" eq, just like that. It wrote clearly in the invoices, it's a stereo PULTEC, unfortunately he don't read the invoices.
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Re: Klontz audio trouble
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Again, he don't read the invoice attachment.

I don't know where else he post such story...
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Re: Klontz audio trouble
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This this the gears we talking about,

1. MES435 eq, all discrete opamp, stepped, USD2200+shipping
2. MC-1, Custom monitor controller,  USD800+ shipping
3. Stereo ganged, Mastering Pultec EQ, stepped  USD 2000+ shipping

It's look that he got free shipping for multiple order!
All with 2 years warranty, what else  I can give?
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Re: Klontz audio trouble
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thanks for the clarification.  As always there are 3 sides to a story, their side, your side and the truth. It's nice to hear the other side as the truth lies in the middle somewhere.

Good luck in these endeavors.
You tell me whar a man gits his corn pone, en I'll tell you what his 'pinions is.


Re: Klontz audio trouble
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I think the problem here is with languages . Both guys have another native language, and try to communicate in English, which isn't their native language. So they agreed on something, which they both thought was something different, with this as the result.
Hope you can both find a solution.


Re: Klontz audio trouble
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At least aside from the item mix up, it would be easy enough for some trouble shooting to be addressed in the lab if there are any more issues or if the current ones haven't been fixed.

Would be interesting to hear the details and specs of the power supply that was under-sized I suppose.


Re: Klontz audio trouble
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It's been tested for hours, I use it on a mastering session before shipping. So I'm sure power supply is just fine. I use separated at least 3 Amp DC 12.6v power supply for the filament and a dedicated medium size transformer for the B+, that's why the transformer is not so big physically.

I tried to find tech guy in Belgia here to check it, I've got one in Brussel that familiar with pultec eq, but buyer does not give me a change and refuse it. He don't trust technician from DIY forum.
Pultec amp is simple circuit, schematic is everywhere. If a tech guy cannot find the problem within 2 hours, then he 's not a good enough IMO, or he just want your money.

I had few bad experiences with customer tech guy, they talk technically non sense to the buyer, replace here and there, but cannot fixed it, cause damage in other area, etc. And buyer want me to pay the bill??

In a cases they work together to make negative review purpose in social media. I take it as a risk that I must face. I cannot expect that every buyer is nice person, but I do my best.

My work is low price gear to help small/ med studio, even that If buyer want to use local tech for simple task, I willing to SHARE cost, but it's must technically make sense to me, otherwise I cannot help. If buyer refuse it, then he should ship it to me to check, it's totally FREE! I pay the return shipping cost in case of DOA (within 7 days after receive it)! if buyer refuse it, then I cannot help.

I know he just want refund, he's "anti pultec" guy, he said that he never like pultec, and he's mad when he realize he place wrong order and get pultec.

Ok, that's my clarification, I think enough from me. Where's the truth? the truth is lay on the proof, and I can proof every single words I said if needed. Thank you all.




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