loading down api312 outputs
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I read this over at gearslutz:
Originally Posted by Flora
I recently got a pair of the API 512c's. I love the way they sound but even with the pad on the signal is often too hot even on sources of very moderate volume. I have 2 more spaces in my API rack and I need a couple more mic pres - so my question is: would the BAE 312s (which Ive heard so many great things about) be better in this respect or do they have the exact same issue?.

and the answer:

On the API gear in the racks you have to load down the ouput.

Its part of the reason they sound differently than in the board(more mid forward).

I think API recommends a 600ohm resistor, but i've gotten a closer sound to the board with a 1200ohm resistor on the output

So, having built some api312 this something that i ought to do to my pres to get the most out of them? Can anyone explain to me why (or why not) i should do this?

I talked to tekay about this some time ago and he measured up the freq response using a profile 4048 transformer and a 600ohm resistor, and it was the same as without one if i remember correctly. But the signal output level got a bit lower. So maybe i dont really need to try this?
But seeing someone else recommend it got me interested.

any thoughts?

Between which pins on the xlr out do i so


loading down api312 outputs
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the resistor would go between pins 2 and 3 on the XLR.  Im not mr. smartstuff or anything, but I dont think thats the problem.  The 512C uses a big step up transformer on the input which is waaaay different than the older modules which uses a lower ratio.  I havent screwed with loading the output but the differences between these has always seemed to be the input for me.


chips are good with dip...


loading down api312 outputs
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ok.. that seems reasonable... thanks!


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