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I disagree with a lot of what you said,
the Macbook Pro 2012 is the best laptop ever made by any company.

It's a beast runs forever, easily serviceable and you can swap any component you wish.
Mine is going strong after 9 years, I don't know any PC laptop that I could have bought in 2012 that I could say the same.

Apple is not "fashion electronics", they just made great products, products that were better than the competitors, they innovated a lot also.
Their products just worked better and more efficiently than the other options in the market, thats why people like to use their products. Of course if you never used a MAC or an Iphone you will not know of what I'm talking about.

Saying this the quality has been going down and a lot as to do with Planned Obsolescence.

I never said I never used a MAC product, I've used them all the time, I said I never bought one myself. I could also argue that the MAC G4 Quicksilver was the worst computer ever made, It had the loudest fans I have ever heard, it was nicknamed the "windtunnel" that should give you an idea  It was impossible to use in a studio, the fans were louder than any sound coming out the studio monitors, the G4 QuickSilver was not compatible with anything and it was mad expensive to upgrade.

I also remember seeing some iMacs smoking at the back because they would overheat I guess that after the G4 fan disaster they decided to go completely 180 and remove all fans, well, thats the consequence.

I've seen many of the MacBook Air laptops that would be completely destroyed because the lithium battery would bulge due to overheating and torn the very thin chassis apart from the inside This is also true for some iPhones,

In 2019, Apple sent a communicate urging owners of MacBook Pro 2015 to stop using them due to safety hazards

Again, they sacrifice performance for looks.

This is a comment from a MacBook Air owner:
"Apple support have refused to provide any assistance, simply stating that the MacBookAir is out of warranty. They just said this behaviour (rapid expansion of a battery) "can be expected" in some cases.

I could understand if they gave me a genuine reason to not help but I was pretty shocked to essentially be told that I'm amoung a group of unlucky MacBookAir owners that will one day find their laptop swell up and destroy itself.

The fact that the MacBookAir uses an internal battery in a slimline aluminum case and that a rapidly expanding battery poses a serious risk didnt seem to make any difference to the agent I spoke with.

There is apparently some "Swollen Battery Service  Program" that Apple have but said the  MacBookAir  is not applicable.

The iPhone 6 would bend even just by having it inside your pocket, and the worst is that Apple knew it even before the phones were released and still shamelesly sold them for a small fortune, like all their new iPhones, also, anyone who owned an iPhone at some point knows the meaning of "cracked screen", it didn't take much to do it.

Some quotes from the article:

"In August 2016, iFixit discovered that some iPhone 6 owners were seeing a flickering bar at the top of the screen as their touchscreen display became unresponsive. Apple didn’t respond to the issue, allegedly instructing those who contacted it over the issue to buy a new phone."

"In November 2016, the Cupertino technology giant finally launched a repair program that would replace out-of-warranty iPhones affected by “touch disease” with a brand new phone for a one-time service fee of $149.

Apple under Cook has become more of a huge corporation than it was under Jobs’s tenure. And in this instance, Apple proves there is hardly any honesty left in the corporate world.

Do you find it absurd and insulting that affected iPhone 6 owners who contacted Apple about the “touch disease” ended up being charged $149 to fix an admitted production defect?

Yes they innovated a lot, but it is still fashion electronics, it appeals mostly to users with money or people who don't know how to use technology, its a fashion article just like a purse just look at the iStores, the main attractive of their products are aesthetic beauty and ease of use, which Jobs insisted on doing from the very start. Beautiful on the outside, crap inside and very expensive.

Just give me one good reason why they decided to discontinue USB ports in their laptops. Probably just so they could make it thinner, don't know, whatever reason it is, its stupid, greedy and unethical. The mere fact that you have to buy an external USB hub to be able to use USB devices makes me cringe, I mean, its not like USB is now obsolete, one could argue that CD/DVD drives are, or the original FireWire, but USB? give me a break.

Planned obsolescence is a general practice, but Apple is the king of them all.
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