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For a series of examples of seriously low-tech repairs of impossible-looking machinery - all done with an absolute minimum of decent tools, or mostly even without tools at all.

Majeda Electric & Workshop Youtube channel -

These guys have my deepest respect for inventing ways to deal with technology - and no-technology..

/Jakob E.
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Re: Right To Repair - low-tech electromechanics
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Jakob, that is amazing, people from that area of the world are extremely resourceful, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Buthan, Sri Lanka, there are scarce resources in those countries but they are very imaginative and capable people, sometimes I feel bad that I have the latest technollogy, great DMM, Oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, etc, and these people who lack many of those things are extremely clever and make the most of what they have, my utmost respect.

Engineering students over there don't have money to pay for college textbooks, so there are international editions of the same book but with much lower quality paper, soft cover, worse printing and less overall quality, the cover is a generic cover (usually red), with only the title of the book, the author and publisher. I know it because I've bought several of them online. Their universities are some of the best in the world (for example the IIT or IIS in India) yet those universities are very very humble, still they go through all of their limitations and make it. I once saw a documentary of the IIT, the teaching level is higher than MIT, they lack the amount of research, investment, facilities, etc.. bt I believe its easier to get into MIT than to IIT, some of them actually get admited to several US universities but prefer to go to IIT, and the goal of most of the IIT students is to become an engineer and migrate to the US, Canada or Europe.

I love a joke by an Indian comedian talking about their "Indian Space Research Organisation", he said "Its like NASA but with less Indians"  ;D
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Re: Right To Repair - low-tech electromechanics
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I have also seen a video of guys repairing an underground power cable about 30cm in diameter. Incredible workmanship in almost impossible conditions.



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Re: Right To Repair - low-tech electromechanics
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There is this story about Charles Proteus Steinmetz, don't know if its true or not, but it is said that Henry Ford hired Steinmetz to fix some electric generators which were overheating, Steinmetz asked for a ladder and chalk, he climbed the ladder and made a chalk mark somewhere inside each generator and told the engineers to remove a certain amount of windings.

Steinmetz asked for $10,000 (this was at the beginning of the 20th century) so it was a massive amount of money, Henry Ford told Steinmetz that he thought it was too much, and it is said that Steinmetz gave Ford a bill which stated:

"- Placing a Chalk mark : $1, - Knowing were to place the mark: $9,999"

P.S. according to this calculator $10,000 USD would be around $265,000 USD in today's money. I doubt he asked for that much, however it is still a great story.
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Re: Right To Repair - low-tech electromechanics
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If this repair had to be done by german electricians then it´d cost 265000€ and take years. That video is unbelievable... Hats off to those guys.
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