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Like if the US were the Saints and the righteous in the world.
A country that starts wars to increase their oil quota and try to subdue others to increase their market reach, but I could say even much more

Something that always confuses me is why there is always a mention of "allies" or "coalitions" in wars. And why or why not.


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The video is a shallow take because it pretends Americans have a say in how their country is run: infrastructure projects don't get built, healthcare systems aren't fixed, and education systems aren't reformed, because of deep rooted corruption and crony capitalism. Squabbling over PC and whether to rename military bases didn't stop the US from bombing half the planet into oblivion, so how could it have prevented them from building a high speed railway?

The bigger problem lies elsewhere. What the world liked about America was Hollywood, Coca-Cola, Mickey Mouse, Michael Jordan etc. The world's envy and love for American culture is what gave the US unimaginable power. But no-one likes the bible bashing, bomb dropping, mass shooting, child imprisoning sociopath USA.

China won when America forgot who it was.

This thread has the same premise as your last one... and no, the US won't challenge China if Americans stop being offended by everything. Countries are perfectly capable of creating more equal societies and building new railways.

What's incompatible is wasting all your wealth on useless wars and promoting policies that only enrich the few.



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Something that always confuses me is why there is always a mention of "allies" or "coalitions" in wars. And why or why not.
The world is not a tea party. Countries are not always right or always wrong but have interests. Self interests and shared interests. The mutual benefit from free trade to both trade partners is one of those shared interests that lead different nations to become allies. There are any number of alliances often related to security where powerful nations protect smaller nations from other large nations.

For one example Taiwan has long been considered part of China by mainland China, only the support of US and western allies in the region has kept China from taking back Taiwan by force, but this is an ongoing conflict and China is growing more powerful as US lost dominance in the region (back losing military power again).

It is a fair argument to say "so what? Let China take it..". I suspect the citizens of Taiwan would miss their democratic freedoms. Kind of like the citizens of Hong Kong thought they had quasi-democratic governance up until recently. 

The world is all interconnected mostly by trade. I don't consider the US the bad guys or evil, but opinions vary. If you think the world will be a better place dominated by China ask the Uyghars.

Cancel the "cancel culture", do not participate in mob hatred.


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I don't need to watch a video to have an opinion about China.

That's where the problem starts. We're the greatest country in the world, so why would we care?
Why is it people love to believe and hate to know?


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That's where the problem starts.

We are as a country what we do as individuals, every moment of every day.

And action and language said a thousand different ways holds to a core assumption:
Edit: (Scratch the surface, find a bad actor ∴ ) "Hating/judging on America is how you improve America"

This is as false a syllogism as I've experienced. Simply read your heart after calling someone out, be it China or anyone. It's a miserable pretense that the "externalization of bad produces the good".

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