Beyerdynamic mc930 SDC repair
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Hey all,

I've had a pair of mc930s that I've used for the best part of a decade now, and one of them has started to lose volume compared to the other. I've attached a pic from tests of sending pink noise to the mics to show the difference.

They've been well looked after, with no real knocks that I can recall, and stored in a nice dry environment.
Tonewise, both mics still sound the same, so I don't know if I'm safe in assuming the capsule is still good.

I checked that I was getting signal on both pin 2 & 3 of the mic going into my preamps, thinking that I could've had a bad sold joint losing half of the balanced signal, but I'm still getting signal on both pin 2 & 3, but still considerably less than the good mic.
I even swapped the pcb into the other mic, and the problem followed the pcb.

I gave the connector to the capsule, and the hi impedance are a good clean with isopropyl, and that suddenly made the mic work again perfectly, but for only 10 minutes.
It then made a popping, rumbling sound and then I was back to where I started with low output on the mic again. 

Maybe I could send it to be fixed somewhere, but here in New Zealand our options are limited (and expensive).

I have the service manual which has the schematic, but it looks like a lot of the parts they used are now obsolete.
I've built a few tube mics, but I haven't really dived into sdc or fets at all yet (let alone smd components), since what I already had worked until recently.

Has anyone dealt with one of these before? It's the working for 10 mins and then popping and rumbling back into a broken mic that's baffling me.



Re: Beyerdynamic mc930 SDC repair
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That sounds like a connection problem to me.  I think of a mic I have with a body that completes the ground path, some of it screws together and it sometimes requires adjustment of the screw on grill to get full level without noise.   Consider any areas that might occur. 

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Re: Beyerdynamic mc930 SDC repair
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Makes me wonder how different the circuitry is from the MC830 / Opus 83. I bought one with some issues (iirc) a while ago, which came good after a couple of capacitor replacements.
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Re: Beyerdynamic mc930 SDC repair
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Apart from cleaning it, I’ve focused on the receptacle that connects to the capsule. (Pic attached) It seems quite flexible, which could be hindering it making a good connection. It could be flexing before it locks in to the capsule pin.

The capsule seems fixed with the mc930 so I can’t unscrew it or attack the problem from the top, so it’s been more about guestimate of lining up the receptacle before sliding the pcb back in.

I’ve shifted it’s positions a little bit with a small screwdriver a couple of times. At one stage we seemed to be fading between full volume and broken volume every 20 seconds or so.

At the moment I’ve got it where I think the connection is good.
It’s been on all afternoon, and it’s had no volume drops at all. I don’t know if I’m confident enough to use it on a session yet though.

I’ve double checked screws to the body, and I’m getting good continuity there.

It’ll be interesting to turn it back on tomorrow and see if both mics are still behaving themselves.


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