Console project finished at last
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Thank you very much, Bo!  :thumb:

I hope it is not a big problem with the panorama leakaging, If iam right this only happens only when i record to track 1 and 25, 2 and 26... at the same time!?

My soundcraft 2400 has NE5532 for summing bus and its connected to pin6 so... to the negative input... cool.  :grin:

I think I will make a new ground bus. Eddie Ciletti did this with a soundcraft 200b and the hum was reduced to 12db.
The ground system you'd done... Is that a copper rail which is also used to make ground systems for electrical installations in buildings?  :?:

Iam also thinking about a flying fader upgrade...  :roll:
ALPS RSAON motofader with 10k log AND 10k lin (for logic)  tracks costs about 20? if I'll buy 100 or more. So it would be very easy to add a complete fader automation with a PIC (like the ucapps stuff

It could be a challenge to make new channels e.g. with ssl pre, eq, comp/gate (I could leave the mixbus, routing, aux, logic as it is). I just ordered some parts to play around with an ssl eq. Enough to do for the next month.:wink:  

Iam also thinking about REC, SELECT, READ, WRITE per channel. There is a metal plate for adding an automation system on each channel.
A new masterchannel with mixbuscomp, free progammable rotary encoder, transport functions for a sequencer...   everyone needs something to dream of. :green:

Bo, what have you done with the power supplies of the console? Have you connected the GND's of each console and psu together and supply every of the previous console seperately? How is it done in big consoles? I'd seen up to 12 psu's for one desk, so they supply only some channels each supply? Maybe every 8 channels=1PSU or so?

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Console project finished at last
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:shock:  :shock:  :shock:  :shock:  :shock:

Massive job Bo!!

 :sam:  :sam:  :sam:  :sam:  :sam:

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Console project finished at last
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I use new power supply`s for this console, because Amek/TAC PSU in this time was not good (PSU type 750 or 2000) it was often break down, even with small consoles.
For the last 10 years I have buy PSU from D&R console company in Holland (the only company that still have big anloge PSU in production that they sale as spare part)
They have a very good high current PSU, typ: 1400VA/+-18V/+-12V/+48V and a +12V/1000VA ("motorfader power supply") that I use for meters and logic/relay.

I have cut up the two motherboard in pieces to get all modules in a other order than orginal, and also cut up all voltage and ground rails, and done a new power distribution "star piont" system with a huge cable area, and a new earth/ground system with a 40 x 10 mm. copper rail from end to end under the console mother board.

If you have two PSU, it is ok to use one for one of each console half, or you can parallell the PSU with huge rectfier bridge (or diodes) for the symetrical voltage rails, and single diodes for the other voltage.

But as I say before, the most important are the ground system when you put two consoles together, to get low cross-talk and hum in all summing busses.

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