1176 rev E vs rev F question


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Jun 4, 2004
I have to work on an 1176 today and was comparing some points on the rev E vs. rev F and have a question-

If you look at the caps at the send and return to the output gain pot, the rev E shows a 1uf/40v electrolytic from the preamp to the pot and a .15uf cap from the pot to the line amp. The rev E calls for a 250K pot.

The rev F pre amp feeds the pot with a 47uf/40v electrolytic and returns to the line amp through a 1 uf cap. The rev F f calls for a 100K pot.

Obviously the line amps are totally different animals in these, but the preamsp are for the most part the same. I plan to experiment right now to see if there is any difference I can hear between these two set ups around the gain pot as its audio coupling. I was wondering if there is any theory to accompany this or if anyone had any thoughts in general as the values are a bit different.



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