4u pre module pcb/hardware mounting bracket?

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May 18, 2020
I just posted this in “the lab” but maybe this is a better place for it: I’m planning out some DIY preamp modules with 4u front panels and I’m wondering if any one here has experience w PCB brackets to mount the electronics and so forth?

I want something like a 6” height L-bracket to bolt onto the 7” front panel and go 5”-7” deep into a rack. I’ve found sub module insert kits by Vector that contain a front panel and PCB bracket but they're only made in a 9” deep size for 4u. Plus, I only need the bracket, and I’d have to buy the whole module kit for $50 per module plus shipping. I don’t know how easy it would be to snip off the excess bracket depth.

Wondering if there might be other pre-fab options available, or if it’s a pretty easy matter to just buy sheet metal and bend and drill my own brackets.

What would you do for mounting brackets?

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