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797 Audio c12 and k67 Capsules For Sale

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Dec 2, 2019
How’s it going, I recently started a microphone company and have been receiving orders from suppliers. I’m going to have a batch of 797 c12 style and k67 style capsules that I won’t be using in certain mics if anyone is interested. The c12 style are like the ones used in the bluebird mic and certain rode mics as most people on here are aware of. Also may have some extra SDC Omni and Cardioid capsules like used on the rode nt5 etc, the ones people seem to be looking for a lot. If interested contact me and I’ll put prices together.  They’ll be around $75 I’m guessing and if you buy more than one the I’ll give you a deal(price will go down), even for two. Thanks

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