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Altec 9475 Clone PCBs (4)

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Sep 20, 2016
FS: Four (4) Altec 9475 clone PCBs. Boards use Lundahl transformers (LL1935 input/LL1539 output). The guy who did the layout got advice from John Hall on which modern transformers to use (the thread is still floating around on another forum somewhere). I have original 9475s and I've built two of these, and they are in the same family, sound-wise. Regardless, they sound great because it's a great design (from a purely audio perspective; heat on the shared 22 ohm emitter resistor of the PP output stage is another story - use one that can take it).

Boards are very well made. Parts values are clearly marked on the boards, as you can see from the pictures. Dimensions are 4 x 7 3/8 inches.

If you've ever racked up real 9475s, you'll find these boards are much less finicky w/regards to grounding. Very easy to rack up and get working. I have the original seller's build notes if you want them.

$35 each.

Prefer to ship to US only, but will consider shipping elsewhere if I don't get a US buyer.


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