Any cheap SDCs like the AT4053b?


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Mar 15, 2018
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I'm interested in learning about cheap but not crappy SDC mics if they're out there. Especially interested in swappable capsules (not a necessity) and hypercardioid stuff. I know the AT4053b is a really good (but kind of pricy) SDC. Just using the AT4053b as a reference point because it looks really flat/neutral sounding.

Are there any really great but cheap ones? Or is the Oktava MK-012 the best option for a quality hypercardioid and modular SDC? I will say that I like the sound of that mic. Cheap in this case can mean anything up to the price of an MK-012 (street/eBay prices which seem to be $200 USD, but if there's anything $100 USD or so that doesn't suck I'd like to hear about it). FWIW I like the sound of the MK-012 more than the AT4053b from the samples I've heard.

Interested in (possibly) foley, voice over (still have a good mic for that specifically, but I'd like a small mic I can have on me for auditions and the like), and dialogue/videography purposes. Proper true condensers are appreciated, and what I'm interested in. Not so interested in electrets like the VideoMics.