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For Sale Audio Electronics Books

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Aug 19, 2006
Glasgow - UK
Needing new shelf space. Therefore the following books are for sale.

I have kept the picture deliberately slightly oversized so that the books can be seen individually. The books are also numbered. They are generally all in excellent condition. Some are actually like new as I treat my books very gently. Never bend the spine.

Prices are exclusive of shipping and paypal charges. If sent as gift there is no additional paypal charge.

1. The Art Of Linear Electronics, John Linsley Hood, £18.00
2. Valve and Transistor Audio Amplifiers, John Linsley Hood, £18.00
3. Audio Electronics, John Linsley Hood, £15.00
4. Audio Electronics, John Linsley Hood, £15.00
Above are classic JH Hood books on audio electronics. All soft cover.

5. High Performance Audio Power Amplifiers, Ben Duncan, £25.00
From a sound engineer point of view but packed with good practical info and discussions. Good section on power output transistors. Hard cover.

6. Troubleshooting Analog Circuits, Bob Pease, £15.00
Classic (late) Bob Pease Ramble on troubleshooting. Soft cover.

7. Electronics Filter Design Handbook, LC, Active and Digital, Arthur B William & Fred J Taylor, £20.00
For analogue LC and active filter design look no further. This is the second edition. I have the later edition with expanded info on digital filters. Otherwise the analogue filters section has never changed. Often heavy on theory with maths but packed with practical designs and tables that you can immediately apply. Hard cover.

8. IC Op-Amp Cookbook, Walt Jung, £10.00
Requires no introduction. I bought it from new in US back in early 2000 when I was over for an exhibition. Soft cover.

9. Audio Radio Handbook, National Semiconductor £7.50
This is a reprint. I bought it from new. Soft cover.

10. An Approach to Audio Amplifier Design, General Electric Company Limited, 10.00
Reprint. I bought it from new. It contains seventeen valve amp circuits from 5W to 1,100W. Soft cover.

11. Mullard Circuits for Audio Amplifiers, Mullard, £10.00
This is an original. Glossy papers throughout and excellent print. Pages are clean with no marks but the spine is a bit fragile. All tube power/pre-amp projects including the drawings for casing. Soft cover.

12. How to Design Solid State Circuits, Mannie Horowitz and Delton T Horn, £5.00
A very easy reading book with with easy maths using simple algebra with practical circuits. I bought it from new. Hard cover.

13. Basic Communications Electronics, Jack Hudson and Jerry Luecke, Radio Shack, £5.00
Again I bought it from new in US during one of my exhibition days. Good, concise info on small signal transistor amplifier design and communications electronics using easy maths with simple algebra. Soft cover.

14. Audio Technology Fundamentals, Alan A. Cohen, £10.00
I bought this from new. It is a very surprising book. It explains audio electronics in a very brief and simple way. But then suddenly hits you with really good maths on filters. Soft cover.

15. Sound Advice, Musician's Guide to the Recording Studio, Wayne Wadhams, £8.00
Bought from new when it first came out. It is a good and interesting read from the author's point of view. Hard cover.

16. Digital Audio Explained, for the Audio Engineer, Nika Aldrich, 10.00
Bought from new when it first came out. It is a good, light weight book on digital audio. No maths. Good read. Soft cover.

17. Music Physics and Engineering, Harry F Olson, £5.00
Bought from new. Reprint. Good, lightweight rea on physics of sound, music and musical instruments. Soft cover.

18. High Performance Loudspeakers, Martin Colloms, £15.00
As it says on the tin, all about speakers. Good theory and practical info. Hard cover, second edition. Sixth edition seems to be selling at £80 from new.

19. Loudspeakers, The Why and How of Good Reproduction, G.A. Briggs, 7.00
Great little book again on speakers with good theory and practical info.

20. Mullard Reference Manual for Transistor Circuits, Mullard, £5.00
This is an old book about early transistor circuits. Good amount of theory and packed with (again early) transistor circuits for audio, radio and power. Soft cover.

21. Lot of four Mullard Data Booklets, £5.00
Four little booklets on valve and transistor data covering dates 1962-63, 1970, 1972-73. The price is for four booklets as a set.


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May 3, 2007
You ship from the UK ?
gotta ask because of custom charges , import taxes and the new EU customs law with 1.7.21
(had to pay 16€ fees for one vinyl worth 31€ from the UK just recently)


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Aug 19, 2006
Glasgow - UK
Indeed the rules have changed. The customs charges in Europe seem to have become a problem for small items.