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May 3, 2018
So I'm finally finishing a preamp project that's been collecting dust for years. I have everything done and sounding amazing. It's 2 channels of the troodent A range that I added a bo hansen di to each channel.

My final issue is a couple of led bar vu meters I planned on adding. It requires a 5V supply of minimal amps, something like 350mA. I originally bought a little brick power supply and was going to add it inside somewhere but there's no good way to mount it. I'm not sure but I think my preamp power supply is essentially tapped by the existing circuit.

I've looked into powersupply modules but now that I'm looking into it with a bit more experience, I'm noticing they are all SMPS's and I'm a little worried they would introduce noise into the preamp, which I definitely don't want to do. Is that a problem with these little modules, or does the enclosure shield it pretty well?

I guess I'm just looking for suggestions. I'm hesitant to even add these, for fear of adding noise and distortion, but my front panel already has holes for them. So, I'm a bit stuck in.

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