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Jun 4, 2004
This is an MS matrix type of thing I have been working on. Works pretty well in my set-up. Dont know how well it fares in more critical applications, though.

In any case, its a pretty easy build, so it should be worth checking it out.

This is a new project, so there is no FAQ and probably a lot of possible issues I haven't even thought about, but Ill do my best to help out if you have any questions.

Link to boards for sale and project documentation

I will need to check polarity of the signal path. I simply forgot after adding a buffer for the return switching and didn't think of it until posting here (an easy fix on the current board, and something to include in a future revision).

You should also be aware, that the gain bump inherent in the MS encoding is not adjusted for with the "default" gain settings on the return. I just thought it would be a more elegant solution to live with it in nominal level settings if you are not an experienced builder (makes the resistor values identical on send and return). More experienced builders can do the needed math for the return and see what my thinking was behind the nominal/absolute level assignment, I am sure.


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