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Calrec Soundfield MK V Microphone and preamplifier - for repair or parts

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Aug 10, 2011
Paris, France

I had posted it a while ago, then I moved out of the place I lived in, thought I could repair, but then life etc... So here it is again. I am selling a Calrec Soundfield MK V microphone and preamplifier.

Please note :
_ The mic is in non working conditions. It has been repaired or tinkered with in the past, long before I got it, and it is missing at least a surface mounted resistor. I provide schematics for the mics, and Soundfield still services these. They have been bought by Rode, but the support is still on. I have been emailing with them last week. I have no estimate yet, but decided that's not the type of mic I'd use, and need space and cash for other projects.
_ The preamplifier is in working conditions. With the Soundfield mic it delivers just white noise and hum, but I tested every four input with another microphone and they work perfectly well. Just some slightly scratchy pots due to a long time without being used. The +/-17V PSU powering the microphone is OK.
_ It comes with its custom cable, mic suspension, original manual and printed schematics of the microphone.

For such a kit in working condition, I have seen prices around 4000 euros. I am selling the whole lot as is, at 1200 euros. Item is located near Paris, France. I can ship worldwide at buyer's expense. Local pickup welcome. We can write up a private sale contract, I can ship with insurance, everything is possible. Sale will be final, no returns. I will gladly answer all of your questions, take more pictures, make measurement etc if I can sense a real motivation from the potential buyer.

I am open to offers or trade, especially for vintage parts, tube gear, vintage microphone or quality microphone projects, or such.

Thanks for reading,



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Aug 10, 2011
Paris, France
Nope, it's still here at home, waiting :) I was on tour and quite busy
I got in touch with Soundfield / Calrec in the meantime, and they offered me to send the mic and PSU for a full check up / repair, free of charge.
Which is awesome ! Great customer service.

I can send it for repair and sell it in working condition, or sell it as is.

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