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Comps, EQs and some little things for sale

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Jul 21, 2014
Ruhrpott - Germany
I have some leftovers laying around which i dont need anymore and maybe they find a new home over here.
Life goes strange ways sometimes. First i wanted to sell some leftovers but to recent news i received i have to let go things that
i wasnt intented to sell to fund money for complete overhaul my house. thats because we got (what we call in Germany): Echter Hausschwamm or Serpula Lacrymans.
i prefer shipping inside the EU but Worldwide is possible too

EQP-1 Clone Sold
2 Units in working condition. Gyraf SRPP Stage with Lundahl transformer and Don-Audio Filterboards.
Great sounding EQs. Bypass switch has no function but that never bothered me but thats fixable.
asking 450€ per unit plus shipping

D-AOC Compressor Sold
Working Unit with 4 Vactrols and modifikations suggested by Kubi. Lundahl 1540 Input/5402 Output transformer,
stepped Pots,True Bypass, GR/VU option.
asking 950€ plus shipping

G-SSL with Turbo PCB
Working unit with Expat Audios Turbo PCB installed. case and frontpanel from frontpanels.de
best offer plus shipping

S800 EQ
Got that unit from another member over here but i never got my head around it
maybe it needs some work or is in working condition, i honestly cannot tell.
Unit is fully built with psu, case, knobs
got no pics at hand at the moment but will take them today
asking 200€ plus shipping (thats what i got payed for it) or something to trade

Sowter 1221s BIAS supply Choke
thats a leftover from a Drip 670v3 unit i built.
Old Sowter production
asking 40€ plus shipping

Supergreen PreAmp PCBs
4 partially stuffed Supergreen PCBs.
asking 40€ for all 4 plus shipping

Access 312 PCBs Sold
4 unstuffed PCBs left.
these are redrawn by me to built a 16chan unit.
they only take 2622 and 2503 transformers.
i asked Dan for permission to put the 4 leftovers up here and he is ok with that.
asking 20€ for all 4 plus shipping
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Jul 21, 2014
Ruhrpott - Germany
I never measured the noise floor but it's a very quiet unit, channel matching is pretty good but can be easily adjusted with the trimpots on the vactrols (see pics).
Tubes must be JJs so no NOS stuff.

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