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Custom SSL Bus Compressor (Steffen inspired :-)

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Sep 4, 2004
I'm still downsizing my little studio.
Here is a SSL Bus comp that I built some years ago.
It is the 3rd of a batch (the other 2 units are 1U which I'm keeping)

I used only high quality parts, Wima and Rubycon caps, THAT A series VCAs, Beyschlag resistors, MENTOR knobs, heavy duty switches, etc...

The super cool meter is the reason why it's built in a 3U chassis and the style is clearly inspired to the beautiful work of Steffen.

Other than that, as you can suppose the unit is not crowded inside, at all :)

The case is a Benkler Industrie series, 4mm anodized front panel (the color is custom, a very nice blue-gray)

The sidechain circuit is working and fully implemented (external side chain too)
The Thurst circuit is not installed, but is predisposted (at least on the front panel) and it is a easy mod.

The pictures are pretty old (I'll post some actual pictures of the unit in a day or two.
I'll let it go for CHF 599.- (599$ or €525)

I can ship worldwide (as long as you cover the shipment cost).






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