Data protection vs Social media Timebomb

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Nov 18, 2015
Ireland being the base for many social media companies covering 'rest of world' or outside the Americas ,it might be in peoples interest to view what Irelands data protection commissioner ,Helen Dixon, has to say on the matter ,

Of interest was her reference to the 'fedback' nature of advertising  in  social media  starting to cause psychological damages to people , what the Irish government have agreed to with the social media giants impacts a vast number of peoples data ,right across the EU .Its fair to say Ms Dixon's keynote speech attacks strongly  whats been allowed to happen in the Irish case , she had to turn up in Tel Aviv in front of 'the nation builders'  to get her story out it seems ....

Her report into the Irish governments 'Public Services Card' or 'Biometric  ID'  by the back door ,was witheld from public view by  a government no doubt deeply imbarresed by its  contents , I think its fair to assume  Ms Dixon  was very critical of the current governments handling of data and privacy not just domestically , but in the way it handled its responsibility towards citizens of other countries .Supposing the government were  told they had made a complete B$£%ocks  of data and privacy , the superfical lure of facebook and twitter has our current generation of politicians on a hook here , they made a huge assumption that just because a certain high % of the population have relinquished their privacy to social media ,the concept can be done away with completely . Now a UN Raporteur is arriving in Dublin to discuss data protection abuses.