Direct Outs on a PM-1000 board (again with the PM-1000!!!)

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Echo North

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Jan 21, 2006
Seattle, WA
I have read a few posts about this issue and am still a little unclear. I have successfully racked PM-1000 strips so I am pretty familiar with their design.

Here is my idea. I want to create direct outs for the first 8 channels of a 16 channel board. My idea is to build a breakout box that would house 8 xlr outs and corresponding output transformers. I was thinking I would run all wires from this box through a large rubber tub (think snake) into a whole in the board then attach the wires to each channel strip as I did when I did the two channel rack job.

Basically I'm creating and attaching a snake permanently to the board. If this goes well i would create a new box and wire for the next 8 channels.

I'm an amateur. Is this a stupid idea?



Brown Note

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Dec 29, 2005
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
you should be alright. just remember that the snake will be susceptible to RF. unless your direct outs are going to be driving a true 600ohm load you might want to consider foregoing the transformers and just running hi-z. 8 good transformers ain't cheap. not to mention that the pm1k's ability to drive a 600:600 trafo is in question:

other than that i see no reason why this wouldn't work. good luck.