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Apr 22, 2013
Hi All,

I am usually working as a FOH/MON engineer in the live sector. When Covid hit last year I started to look more into recording and mixing in the studio. I always did little recording jobs and built myself a pretty nice mixing setup. The outboard was growing over the last years and after finishing my 24 channel Neve style passive summing mixer, testing it out now for a couple of weeks and falling in love with it's sound, I finally decided to start a new project. This is the biggest I have started so far.

I want to build my own custom 16 channel tracking console together with a good friend and amazing pianist. He has two empty rooms, one intended to be used as a control room and one as a recording room. We fell in love with tracking through nice gear and using Protools more as an advanced tape machine while tracking. The setup so far consisted of some nice preamps, equalisers, compressors and my live mixing desk (Digico SD11). Loved to be able to sum in the desk and send the signals post fade to Protools.

We did a lot of online editing/mixing sessions over the last couple of months and started to talked a lot about vintage gear and how records where made before the advent of usb interfaces. And the idea of a 16 Channel desk was born.

Some facts:

Based on a Neve 8014, simple layout but with a more modern touch to it
16 Channels loaded with 1073/1084 Modules
4 Mono Busses and 1 Stereo L/R Bus
Balanced switchable insert after the EQ section
Passive summing into 1272 group amps
Completely clean relay based control room section with several inputs and outputs
LED meters for every channel
VU Meters for the stereo bus
Center section with room for my lovely 23" Apple Cinema Display

I'm open for any ideas and suggestions you guys have.

Attached are some layouts and some block diagrams/schematics that I already drew.


Routing Module Neve Tracking Console.jpgNEVE DIY DESK CHANNELS.jpgNEVE DIY DESK 3D-Model.jpgRouting Module Layout Neve Tracking Console.jpgBlock Diagram Neve Tracking Console.jpg
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