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Sep 3, 2016
Its time to clear out some of the projects and make room for more.


Hand made Neumann u87 Clone microphone. This is one of several DIY mics iv built, it sounds amazing!

The circuit board is by Dany Bouchard v1.2
Capsule is the RK-87 from
Transformer is the CineMag The CM-2480 16.5k:150 (10.5:1)

There is an internal jumper for both a -10dB pad as well as a low cut. There is a 3 position switch on the inside of the mic to switch between Omni, Figure of 8 and Cardioid. The body used for this mic is an MXL 2001.

This mic sounds absolutely amazing, I have used it for podcast and voice over recordings as well as music.

DM if interested or need more info.

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