Drip Dual STA-Level - meter and lamp wiring

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Jul 15, 2013
I think I've worked out the correct wiring for the meters and power lamp, and thought I'd share in case anyone else has difficulty like I did...

The first mistake I made was to think the Lamp and Meter terminals on the main board should be connected to the Lamp and Meter terminals on the control boards, as is the case with every other connection between control board. I think these are not meant to be connected to each other, but that they provide different options for connecting the meters.

Other threads have pointed out that these connections don't work from the control boards, so this is how I've done it:

1. Meters are connected to main board "VU" via SMA cable. The cable has been cut and the bare wires attach to the meter. The other end has the SMA connector which screws into the "VU" socket.
2. Meter lamps are connected from the main board, using the LED markings in the top right corner of the main board, to the lamp connections on the meters.
3. Power lamp is connected to the "LAMP" SMA socket on one of the main boards. Cable is cut as for the meter connection, stripped wires soldered to lamp holder.

There are probably options for swapping the meter lamp and power lamp connections on main board, but this is what works for me. All meter and lamp connections from main boards, no meter or lamp connections between main and control boards.



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